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Gay Cartoons 'R Us
The Gay Cartoon Character Research Centre

The Gay Cartoon Character Research Centre is located in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the central prairie/plains region of Canada.

The company was formed in 1997 due to a growing awareness on the internet of the many cartoon characters who happen to be gay (whether they happen to be in or out of the closet).

Ever since, we have endeavoured to bring to your attention any cartoon character whom we believe to be gay, or know to be gay. We truly believe that there is nothing wrong with being a gay cartoon character.

Lovingly webmastered by Freddie Mercury's Bungee-Jumping Mustache, the
Gay Cartoon Character Research Centre is a wholly-owned subsiduary of
the House Of Beavis corporation


This is not a gay-bashing site - quite the opposite - we believe that these cartoon characters should be honest with themselves and with the world, and that they should be able to live freely and honestly, out of the closet, being true to their own feelings and to their true orientation.

Beavis Las Vegas, President & CEO
Alumni of Bungmunch University
Decorated Veteran of the Meow Wars

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